AAIWO: Resources

In addition to AAIWO's Helpline, there are other resources and organizations in our community that could assist you in your hour of need.
Some of these are listed below. If you are facing an emergency, please call 911.

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You may call our helpline at (440)-218-6959, the helpline offers a variety of services.
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Help offered by AAIWO:

Support and Counseling- We have trained volunteers who can help guide you to get the help you need. All information is held in strict confidence.

Legal- We have trained volunteers who can help guide you to get help and / or will be able to provide help in assessing your situation and see what choices you have with your current situation, including visa, immigration, divorce, child custody and other legal matters.

Financial- AAIWO might be able to provide you with some financial help to get you started on your road to recovery, after the volunteer assesses your situation.

Transportation- Volunteers of AAIWO will assess your situation and decide on the choices available to help you get to where you need to go.

Babysitting- Volunteers of AAIWO can assess your situation and decide on the best choices for help with child care, while you get your feet back on the ground.

Housing- Although AAIWO does not have a safe house, yet, AAIWO might be able to find a place for you to find a safe house to move into. The Asian Indian community volunteers have been very gracious in opening their homes, temporarily, to victims of domestic violence, since the time of AAIWO's inception in 1981.

Training/ Re-Training / Schooling- AAIWO volunteers will guide you towards explorations of options available in the community.

Other Help- As needed, depending on the situation can be assessed by the volunteer of AAIWO and appropriate guidance and choices will be presented you.

There are several well established community organizations in our community that we can reach out to for help in all these areas, to assist you to get back on your feet and then to help you move forward with your life.

Ohio Domestic Violence Network- (800)-934-9840 email-info@odvn.org or www.odvn.org

Domestic Violence Center- Cleveland- (216)-391-4357

West Side Catholic Center- Cleveland- (216)-631-4141

Genesis House- Elyria-Lorain County -(440)-323-3400 / (866)-213-1188

Ohio Legal Services- 1-(866)-529-6446 -www.ohiolegalservices.org

Asia Safeline- (216)-280-1313 -Counseling/advocacy/language assistance/info

Jewish Family Services Association- (216)-504-2600 -Counseling / advocacy

Domestic Violence Center Hotline- (216)-391-4357 -Shelter / info

Rape Crisis Center- (216)-619-6192 -Counseling / advocacy

Children Who Witness Violence- (216)-361-8640 -Counseling

Council in American Islamic Relations- (216)-830-2247 -Referrals

Elder Abuse- (216)-420-6700 -Report elder abuse

Legal Aid Society- (216)-687-1900 -Legal services

To find your nearest domestic violence program, call the ODVN information hotline: (800)-934-9840; TTY - (614)-781-9654; www.odvn.org

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Acknowledgement: This video was made possible by Manavi, a NJ based Women's Rights Organization